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Advanced English Synonyms

Improve English Speaking · Advanced English Words and Meanings

by Mohit Joshi


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THIS BOOK CONTAINS MEANINGS OF MORE THAN 1200 ADVANCED ENGLISH WORDS (including phrasal verbs and idioms)English Synonyms, Synonym Is a word or expression that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another in any particular language | Here You Will Find Huge List of synonyms words in EnglishSample This:("sb" implies somebody, "sth" implies something)arduous / strenuous involving a lot of effort and energyassiduous / diligent / sedulous showing care and effort in your work or dutiesfastidious / meticulous / scrupulous giving careful attention to every detailebullient / effervescent / exuberant / rollicking full of energy, excitement, etc.dejected / despondent / disconsolate unhappy and disappointeddiscomfit / disconcert / faze to make sb feel confused or embarrassed**********SYNONYMS FOR "TO MAKE SOMEBODY VERY ANGRY"antagonize / enrage / exasperate / infuriate / incense / raise sb's hackles to make sb very angry**********SYNONYMS FOR "ANNOYED"brassed off / crooked on sb / cross with sb / disgruntled / fed up / hacked off / miffed / narked / peeved annoyedpique annoyed because your pride has been hurtget under sb's skin to annoy sbgrate on sb / irk to annoy sbvex to annoy or worry sbvexatious making you feel annoyed or worried**********SYNONYMS FOR "TO AVOID"dodge / elude / eschew / evade / fight shy of sth / fudge / gloss over / skirt around sth / skate over sth / shun / shy away from sth to avoid**********SYNONYMS FOR "BAD-TEMPERED"cantankerous / choleric / crotchety / crusty / dyspeptic / grumpy / irritable / peevish / petulant / ratty / splenetic / sourpuss / stroppy / tetchy bad-tempered**********SYNONYMS FOR "TO CRITICIZE"castigate / censure / chastise / deplore / denounce / excoriate / flay / fulminate / inveigh against sb/sth / lampoon / lash out at sb / pan / pillory / pull sb up / rap / revile / upbraid to criticizeget / give a rap over the knuckle to get / give criticismhit out at sb/sth to criticizepounce on to quickly criticizesecond guess to guess, to criticizeslam to bang, to criticizeslate to plan that sth will happen at a particular time in future, to criticizetake a swipe at sb / take sb to task to criticize**********SYNONYMS FOR "HAPPINESS"elation great happiness, excitementexultation great pride or happinessbliss / ecstasy / felicity / jubilation / joie de vivre great happiness**********

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Mohit Joshi
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Advanced English Words and Meanings


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Mohit Joshi (Author)

Mohit Joshi, The Author Of This Book Is Graduate In 'Electronics And Communication Engineering' & Is GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering) Qualified. He Is Particularly Interested In Cosmology & High Energy Physics. Albert Einstein & Richar...

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Advanced English Synonyms
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