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Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

Vocabulary Building · English Word Power

by Manik Joshi


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Useful English phrasal verbs and their meanings in simple words | Alphabetical list of English phrasal verbs1500 Useful phrasal verbs for daily useSample this:What are "Phrasal Verbs"?A PHRASAL VERB is made up of a Verb and an Adverb or a Preposition or both.Adverbs or prepositions which are used in Phrasal Verbs are called 'Particles'.Verb + adverb = Phrasal verbVerb + preposition = Phrasal verbVerb + adverb + preposition = Phrasal verbExamples:break down — verb + adverb [break= verb; down= adverb]ward off — verb + preposition [ward= verb; off= preposition]keep up with — verb + adverb + preposition [keep= verb; up= adverb; with=preposition]'USUAL' and 'IDIOMATIC' Meanings of Phrasal VerbsA Phrasal verb may have usual or idiomatic meaning -Phrasal Verb with Usual meaning:Verb and Particle keep their ordinary meaningExample: turn around — to turn aroundPhrasal Verb with Idiomatic meaning:Verb and Particle doesn't keep their ordinary meaningExample: turn down — to reject an offerFollowing is the detailed list of useful Phrasal Verbs and their meanings: English Phrasal Verbs — AAbideabide by — to obey/follow a decision, rule, etc.Aboundabound with/in — to be full ofAccountaccount for — to explain | to be a definite amount for | to destroyAccustomaccustom to — to be familiarActact on — to affectact out — to express a feeling or an emotion in your behavioract up — to behave inappropriatelyact upon — to take an action on the basis of particular information, etc.; to executeAddadd in — to includeadd to — to increaseadd up — to calculate or count | to be sensible or reasonableadd up to — to have a particular result | to have a certain total amountAdhereadhere to — to follow a particular ruleAgreenot agree with — to dislike or disapproveAimaim at — to Intend to achieve particular goalAlightalight on — to find something by chanceAlignalign with — to support a person, rules, etc, openly or publicly because you agree with themAllowallow for — to take something into considerationallow of — to make possible; to permitAlludeallude to — to refer toAmountamount to — to be equal to something | to count something as a totalAngleangle for — to try to get something indirectly by hintingAnsweranswer back — to make counter-argument | to give rude reply to your senior, an authority, etc.answer for — to be responsibleanswer to somebody for something — to explain your decision or actionAppertainappertain to — to refer or relateArgueargue down — to beat somebody in an argument or a debate | to persuade people not to accept a proposal or motion | to persuade a seller to reduce the priceargue somebody into doing something — to give reasons to persuade somebody do or not do somethingArrivearrive at — to decide something after deliberationArrogatearrogate to yourself — to claim/take without having rightAscribeascribe to — to think or say something is done by somebodyAskask around — to talk to many people with a view to get information | to inviteask for — to request or demand something | to provoke a negative reactionask in — to invite somebody into your houseask out — to invite someone for a dateAttendattend to — to deal with somebody/somethingAuctionauction off — to sell something at an auctionAvailavail yourself of — to take advantage of an opportunityAverageaverage out — to make even; to calculate the average | to balance or equalizeAwake/Awakenawake/awaken to — to be aware of possible effects of something

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Manik Joshi
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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet and is permanent resident of Haldwani, Kumaon zone of India. He is an internet marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (cre...

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Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
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