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Dictionary of English Idioms

Vocabulary Building · English Word Power

by Manik Joshi


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Useful English Idioms and their meanings in simple words | Alphabetical list of English IdiomsSample this:Useful English Idioms — AAbackbe taken aback — to be shockedAbeyancein abeyance — postponedAboveabove all — most of allAbreastkeep abreast of — to know the latest updateAbstractin the abstract — generallyAbundancein abundance — in great amounts or quantitiesAccidentby accident — unintentionallyAccompanimentto the accompaniment of — in the addition of something elseAccordin accord — in agreementof your own accord — willinglywith one accord — in unisonAccordancein accordance with — according to a rule or systemAccountby all accounts — as said by other peopleby your own account — as said by youof no account — of no significanceon somebody's account — because of other personon account of — because ofon no account — without any reasonon your own account — by or for yourselfon this account — because of thisturn something to good account — to make the best use of somethingtake account of — to consider something during decision-making processAcehold all the aces — to be in the most favorable situationplace your ace — to use your best argument, etc. to make situation in your favorAcquaintancemake the acquaintance of somebody — to be familiar with somebody for the first timeof your acquaintances — that you knowon first acquaintance — on first meetingAcquirean acquired taste — something that you like graduallyActact of God — a natural eventdo a vanishing act — to be absent when you are required to be presentget your act together — to make your best efforts achieve to your goala hard act to follow — to be perfect example of something and thus almost impossible to be emulatedin the act of doing something — while somebody is doing somethingin action — doing the usual activityinto action — to be implementedout of action — not workingAddadd insult to injury — to aggravate the relationship with somebodyAdditionin addition — besidesAdowithout further ado — immediatelyAdvancedof advanced age — very oldAdvantagework to your advantage — to try to get advantage form a particular circumstanceto best advantage — in a best possible wayturn something to your advantage — to get an advantage from an unfavorable situationAdvisementTake something under advisement — to consider something during decision-making processAegisunder the aegis of — with the support ofAfoulrun afoul of — to do something illegalAfarfrom afar — from a long distance awayAfieldfar afield — from a long distance awayAfoulrun afoul of — to do something illegalAfterafter all — in spite of everythingAgeact your age — to behave maturely and sensiblycome of age — to be legally matureunder age — to be legally immatureAggregatein aggregate — as a totalAgreeagree to differ — (of two people) to not discuss their different views about somethingAimtake aim at — to criticize severelyAirwalk on air — to be delightedin the air — felt by many peopleon air — broadcasting on TV, air — not broadcasting on TV, etc.up in the air — undecidedAislewalk down the aisle — to get marriedAlarmalarm bells ring — to be worried and apprehensive in a sudden wayAlivealive and kicking — healthy and livelybring something alive — to make something excitingcome alive — to be excitingAndand all that — and other things of the same kindnot all that — not particularlyAllowallow me — used to offer help in a polite mannerAllowancemake allowance for something — to consider something during decision-making processmake allowance for somebody — to accept somebody's improper, rude, etc. way of behaving because of special reasonAlonego it alone — to do something on your ownleave alone — to stop annoying somebodystand alone — to be independent or unrelated to somebody/something

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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet and is permanent resident of Haldwani, Kumaon zone of India. He is an internet marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (cre...

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Dictionary of English Idioms
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