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Dictionary of Category Words

Vocabulary Building · English Word Power

by Manik Joshi


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This Book Covers The Following Topics:01. Category Words — Sounds02. Category Words — Ways of Thinking03. Category Words — Ways of Walking04. Category Words — Ways of Movement05. Category Words — Ways of Changing06. Category Words — Ways of Laughing and Smiling07. Category Words — Ways of Seeing08. Category Words — Ways of Saying Something09. Category Words — Ways of Writing and Marking10. Category Words — Ways of Continuing11. Category Words — Feelings12. Category Words — Cooking13. Category Words — Disturbance14. Category Words — Situation of Confusion15(A). Category Words — Smells15(B). Category Words — Tastes16. Category Words — Cries of Creatures17. Category Words — Colors18. Category Words — Remarks19. Category Words — Body Marks20. Category Words — Body and Body Shape21. Category Words — 'Old'22. Category Words — Time and Numbers23. Category Words — Zodiac Sign and Birthstones24. Category Words — Fabrics25. Category Words — Shapes26. Category Words — Religion27(A). Category Words — Nature27(B). Category Words — Biomes28. Category Words — People and Family29. Category Words — Currencies30. Category Words — Measurement Units31. Category Words — Government32. Category Words — MiscellaneousSample This:01. Category Words — Sounds01. Babble — the sound of many people speaking all togetherExample: Babble of Voices02. Bang — sudden loud noiseExample: Bang of a Gun03. Beat — sound made by a series of regular blows to somethingExamples: Beating of Drums | Beating of Wings04. Blast — the sound of an explosion | sound made by blowing of musical instrumentsExamples: Blast of a Bomb | Blast of a siren05. Blow — to produce a sound by forcing your breath out when your lips are closedExamples: Blowing of Bungles | Blowing of Trumpet | Blowing of Whistle06. Boom — loud deep soundExample: Booming of Guns07. Chatter — a series of short high soundsExamples: Chattering of Birds | Chattering of Monkeys | Chattering of Teeth08. Chink — light ringing soundExample: Chinking of Glass09. Clang — loud ringing sound of metalsExamples: Clanging of Arms | Clanging of Bells10. Clank — loud sound of metal objects hitting togetherExample: Clanking of Chains11. Clap — the sound of hitting something by hand | sudden loud noiseExamples: Clapping of Hands | Clapping of Thunder12. Clatter — loud noise made by knocking of hard objectsExamples: Clattering of Hoofs | Clattering of Knife13. Crackle — a series of light sharp soundsExamples: Crackling of Fire-Wood | Crackling of Gunfire | Crackling of Flames14. Creak — a series of sharp soundsExamples: Creaking of a Whip | Creaking of Shoes15. Din — loud, unpleasant sound that lasts for a long timeExample: Din of a Crowd16. Ding — sound made by a bellExample: Ding of a Bell17. Explode — to make loud, violent soundExamples: Exploding of Guns | Exploding of Bombs | Exploding of Rocket18. Flap — quick noisy movementExamples: Flapping of Wings | Flapping of Newspaper | Flapping of Steam19. Jingle — a sound like small bells ringingExample: Jingling of Coins20. Knock — the sound of somebody hitting a door, gate, window, etc.Examples: Knocking of a Door | Knocking of a Window

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Manik Joshi
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English Word Power


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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet and is permanent resident of Haldwani, Kumaon zone of India. He is an internet marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (cre...

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Dictionary of Category Words
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