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Remarks in English Language

Grammar Rules · English Daily Use

by Manik Joshi


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This Book Covers The Following Topics:1. Agreeing Or Disagreeing In EnglishA. Agreeing In EnglishB. Disagreeing In English2. Agreements and Disagreements With StatementsA1. Affirmative Addition to Affirmative Remarks - IA2. Affirmative Addition to Affirmative Remarks – II(Agreement with Affirmative Remarks)B1. Negative Addition to Negative Remarks - IB2. Negative Addition to Negative Remarks - II(Agreement with Negative Remarks)C1. Negative Addition to Affirmative Remarks - IC2. Negative Addition to Affirmative Remarks - II(Disagreement with Affirmative Remarks)D1. Affirmative Addition to Negative Remarks - ID2. Affirmative Addition to Negative Remarks - II(Disagreement with Negative Remarks)Exercises: 1(A) and 1(B)Exercises: 2(A) and 2(B)Sample This:1. Agreeing Or Disagreeing In EnglishA. Agreeing In EnglishExpressions to show agreement:Absolutely!Exactly!I agree entirely.I agree to some extent.I agree with you entirely.I agree with you in part/principle.I agree with you up to a point.I am of the same opinion.I assume so.I believe so.I completely agree (with you).I couldn't agree more. [used to show total agreement]I see exactly what you mean!I simply must agree with that.I think so.I totally agree!I was just going to say that.It is absolutely clear.Me too!No doubt about it.That seems obvious.That's exactly what I think.That's right!That's true.That's for sure.That's quite true.That's so true.There is no doubt about it that.True enough.Yes, I agree!Yes, OK.You are absolutely right.You are right. That's a good point.You could be right.You have a point there.A1. Affirmative Addition to Affirmative Remarks - I(Agreement with Affirmative Remarks - I)PATTERN – 1USING 'SAME SUBJECT' IN AFFIRMATIVE ADDITIONSTRUCTURE: Yes/So/Of course, etc. + Subject + Verb- 'Be/Do/Have/Modal'NOTE: You can also use phrase "That's true!"Example 1:Affirmative Remark – She is originally from Britain.Agreement (Affirmative Addition) –Yes, she is. [yes + subject + verb- 'be']ORThat's true!Example 2:Affirmative Remark – Authorities are gathering evidences.Agreement (Affirmative Addition) –So, they (= authorities) are. [so + subject + verb- 'be']ORThat's true!Example 3:Affirmative Remark – People across the world are taking to yoga and meditation.Agreement (Affirmative Addition) –Yes, they (= people) are. [yes + subject + verb- 'be']ORThat's true!Example 4:Affirmative Remark – She was the most studious student of the batch.Agreement (Affirmative Addition) –Of course, she was. [of course + subject + verb- 'be']ORThat's true!Example 5:Affirmative Remark – The police were seeking an arrest warrant for a suspect.Agreement (Affirmative Addition) –Yes, they (the police) were. [yes + subject + verb- 'be']ORThat's true!

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Manik Joshi
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English Daily Use


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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi Was Born On Jan 26, 1979 At Ranikhet And Is Permanent Resident Of Haldwani, Kumaon Zone Of India. He Is An Internet Marketer By Profession. He Is Interested In Domaining (Business Of Buying And Selling Domain Names), Web Designing (Cre...

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Remarks in English Language
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