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Repetition of Words

Emphasize Your Thoughts · English Daily Use

by Manik Joshi


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This Book Covers The Following Topics:What is "Repetition of Words"?Structure (1) —— Word + and + WordStructure (2) —— Comparative + and + ComparativeStructure (3) —— Word + after + WordStructure (4) —— Word + by + WordStructure (5) —— Word + to + WordStructure (6) —— Word + on/upon + WordStructure (7) —— Word + against/of/for/in/with + WordStructure (8) —— The more, less, etc..., the more, less, etc...Structure (9) —— Repetition of Various WordsStructure (10) —— Repetition of Words More than OnceStructure (11) —— Repetition of 'Group of Words'Structure (12) —— Repetition of 'Two Different Words"Structure (13) —— Miscellaneous PatternsExercises: 1(A) and 1(B)Exercises: 2(A) and 2(B)What is "Repetition of Words"?Repetition in English Language is the repeating of a word, within a sentence in order to PROVIDE EMPHASIS. 'Repetition of words' could be classified into many groups based on the placement of the words in a sentence. Different terms have been devised to denote different sorts of repetitions. Some of these terms are as follows: Adnominatio, Anaphora, Antanaclasis, Antistasis, Conduplicatio, Diacope, Diaphora, Epanalepsis, Epistrophe, Epizeuxis, Mesarchia, Mesodiplosis, Palilogia, Paregmenon, Ploce, Polyptoton, Symploce, etc.Not going into the details of these 'hard-to-pronounce' terms, I have covered only most popular patterns of 'Repetition of words' in this book.Structure (1) —— Word + and + WordThis pattern is generally used to show 'continuation or repetition of an activity', or 'presence of many things or people of the same kind'.01a. — Many people do not repeat their mistake again and again.01b. — She was wiping her tears again and again.01c. — They had to repeat the procedure again and again as the server was unable to bear the load.01d. — You cannot detain anyone again and again on the same charge.02. — They have got billions and billions of dollars lying around in vaults.03. — Firm's deal business became busier and busier.04. — Workers dug and dug the road.05. — We have eras and eras coming.06. — He called after her, "Where are you going?" She went further and further.07a. — His confidence grew and grew.07b. — Once he started telling family about his challenge, the support just grew and grew.08. — 'How long did the match last?' 'Oh, hours and hours'09. — Merit and merit alone can be criterion.10. — The road went on for miles and miles.11. — They played and played cards all night.12. — We pushed and pushed but the box would not move.13. — We can see rise and rise of Yoga.14. — He searched and searched for his mobile phone.15. — There were shops and shops in the area.16. — I shuddered and shuddered seeing the lion.17. — We are fulfilling our promises slowly and slowly.18. — We struggled and struggled but without success.19. — I studied and studied the books on English language skills.20. — She suffered and suffered throughout the year.21. — Agenda was restricted to discussions of "terror and terror only".22. — She thought and thought looking around.NOTES:(A). 'By and by' [meaning — 'soon' or 'before long']By and by you will make your deficiency.By and by, his strategies changed.The hours just kept on going by and by.We will understand it better by and by.(B). 'Less and Less' [meaning — 'continuing to become smaller']We are having less and less snow each year.Due to the climate, less and less vegetables are being cultivated on land.I meet less and less people these days.People are growing less and less active every day.They will have less and less money to pay out the pensions.(C). 'More and More' [meaning — 'continuing to become larger']You always ask for more and more.He became more and more difficult as a person.I spend more and more time in my office.I started...

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Manik Joshi
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English Daily Use


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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi Was Born On Jan 26, 1979 At Ranikhet And Is Permanent Resident Of Haldwani, Kumaon Zone Of India. He Is An Internet Marketer By Profession. He Is Interested In Domaining (Business Of Buying And Selling Domain Names), Web Designing (Cre...

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Repetition of Words
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