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Making Comparisons in English

Similarities, Dissimilarities, Degrees · English Daily Use

by Manik Joshi


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This Book Covers The Following Topics:Structure (1a) —— Comparison of Actions - IStructure (1b) —— Comparison of Actions - IIStructure (2a) —— Comparison of Qualities - IStructure (2b) —— Comparison of Qualities - IIStructure (3a) —— Specific Similarity – Quality AdjectivesStructure (3b) —— Specific Similarity – Quality NounsStructure (4) —— Comparison of Number/QuantityStructure (5a) —— As + Much/Many, etc. + Word/Words + AsStructure (5b) —— Comparative Estimates – Multiple NumbersStructure (6) —— Parallel Increase or Decrease / Gradual IncreaseStructure (7) —— Illogical ComparativesStructure (8) —— General Similarity and DifferenceStructure (9) —— Using Word 'Compare' or 'Comparison'Structure (10) —— Comparison Degrees10a. Regular and Irregular Forms of Adjectives10b. Interchange of Positive and Comparative Degrees10c. Interchange of Positive and Superlative Degrees10d. Interchange of Comparative and Superlative Degrees10e. Interchange of Positive, Comparative and Superlative DegreesEXERCISE – 1EXERCISE – 2Sample This:Structure (1a) —— Comparison of Actions - IPATTERN 1:AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCE-ING form of Verb + Verb 'Be' + As + Adjective + As + -ING form of VerbOrIt + Verb 'Be' + As + Adjective + To + Ordinary Verb + As + Ordinary VerbWriting is as easy as thinking.Jogging is as easy as exercising.Closing is as easy as opening.Designing is as easy as publishing.It is as easy to write as think.It is as easy to jog as exercise.It is as easy to close as open.It is as easy to design as publish.PATTERN 2:NEGATIVE SENTENCE-ING form of Verb + Verb 'To Be' + Not + As + Adjective + As + -ING form of VerbOrIt + Verb 'To Be' + Not + As + Adjective + To + Ordinary Verb + As + Ordinary VerbStudying is not as easy as playing.Swimming is not as easy as running.Singing is not as easy as talking.Reading is not as easy as listening.It is not as easy to study as play.It is not as easy to swim as run.It is not as easy to sing as talk.It is not as easy to read as listen. Structure (1b) —— Comparison of Actions - IIPATTERN(A). Prefer/Would Prefer + -ING form of Verb + To + -ING form of Verb, OR(B). Prefer/Would Prefer + To + Ordinary Verb + Rather Than + Ordinary Verb, OR(C). Had Better/Had Rather/Had Sooner/Would Rather/Would Sooner + Ordinary Verb + Than + Ordinary VerbExample 1:I prefer studying to playing.I would prefer studying to playing.I prefer to study rather than play.I would prefer to study rather than play.I had better study than play.I had rather study than play.I had sooner study than play.I would rather study than play.I would sooner study than play.Example 2:You prefer writing to talking.You would prefer writing to talking.You prefer to write rather than talk.You would prefer to write rather than talk.You had better write than talk.You had rather write than talk.You had sooner write than talk.You would rather write than talk.You would sooner write than talk.

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Manik Joshi
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English Daily Use


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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi Was Born On Jan 26, 1979 At Ranikhet And Is Permanent Resident Of Haldwani, Kumaon Zone Of India. He Is An Internet Marketer By Profession. He Is Interested In Domaining (Business Of Buying And Selling Domain Names), Web Designing (Cre...

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Making Comparisons in English
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