cover image of Teaching Gangsters (The Beat Action Series)

Teaching Gangsters (The Beat Action Series)

by Kenneth Guthrie


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1. Introduction

These two stories fit into The Beat Action Series. If you are interested in reading more of my similar themed work, why not try out The Enforcer Series?

2. Promotional Story Included

This file contains one story to promote my Uncivilized Boxing Action Series: Blood Manor.

3. Description

Jack's no hero. He just wants to finish up his run of punishment teaching juvie-to-be kids to stay off crack and enjoy a beer and some action flicks after work. Unfortunately, a cop's life is never easy and with a pimp about to whack one of his students right before his eyes, he finds himself taking on a bunch of gangbangers to save the little fool. It's all out action cop style.

4. Sample Content

Jack watched as the idiot walked his patch of sidewalk on the corner down the road from the community center. Turning tricks. He never would have thought Eric was that way inclined.

Jack's taxi was late. He cursed the fact that he couldn't drive to work. It wasn't really that he couldn't, more that his car would be defaced or stolen within an hour of parking it around here.

The same low rider as before pulled up across the road. Jack watched as an extremely fat tattooed white man with a yellow-green bandana got out of the passenger side and strode straight up to Eric.

What happened next wasn't much of a surprise. Two slaps to the face and Eric was down. It looked like big pimp daddy wasn't pleased with his little street whore.

The pimp picked Eric up by the hair and smacked his head into the sidewalk. Jack considered getting involved. He was here in his blues...

He quickly reconsidered. These guys were likely packing heavily and without a piece Jack would have to duke it out with the threat of getting shot forefront in his mind.

The pimp ended up forcing his hand. Knife out and ready to slice, he was prepping to dive that piece of steel into Eric's throat.

"Hold it!"

He yanked out his extendable baton and hit the release catch. The man turned and smiled.

Fuck it. Jack charged the big gangbanger, hoping that the old saying that 'a bull with horns was more fearful on the move."

The banger turned to meet him, knife at the ready.

"[censored], pig, what's your problem?"

"This is."

He smashed the baton into the man's hand and heard a nasty crack. The knife clattered to the ground.

"Hands up against the car!"

The gangster gave him that bad ass look that often was the beginnings of troubles to come.

"I have three squad cars on the way."

The man didn't look convinced, but he moved over to the car anyway.

"Now –"

The driver stepped out of the car. Jack swore when he saw the pump action shotgun in his hands.

"[censored] die, pig...

5. Notes

- Cops Vs. Gangsters

- Hardcore Action

- Gang warfare

- Cop on the edge

- Hardboiled on the run

6. Titles In The Beat Series

The Beat #1: Routine Pickup

The Beat #2: Teaching Gangsters

Pack: Routine Pickup and Teaching Gangsters

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Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords Edition
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Kenneth Guthrie (Author)

Kenneth Guthrie is the author of hundreds of short stories and novels. He has currently finished the Neo-Tokyo Death Battle Series and is working on the second book in the Wilson Jack Series, which sees the big man closing in on Cathedral while fa...

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Teaching Gangsters (The Beat Action Series)
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