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Daily English- Important Notes

Improve Your English · English Daily Use

by Manik Joshi


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This Book Covers The Following Topics:01. Collective Phrases02. Cries of Creatures03(A). Young Ones of Birds/Animals/Insects03(B). Animals/Birds/Insects and Their Homes04. Flowers and the Quality They Refer to05. Anniversary Gifts06. Idiomatic Comparisons07. NativesSample This:01. Collective Phrases[AMOUNT / NUMBER]01. ACCUMULATIONMeaning: gradual increase of something in number or quantityExamples:an accumulation of capitalan accumulation of fatan accumulation of lawsan accumulation of paperwork02. ARMADAMeaning: a large group of armed ships | a large group of people, things, etc.Examples:an armada of driversan armada of gunboatsan armada of trucksan armada of vessels03. ARMYMeaning: an organized group of people or thingsExamples:an army of advisersan army of antsan army of nursesan army of photographersan army of robotsan army of soldiersan army of volunteers04. ARRAYMeaning: an impressive group or collection of things or peopleExamples:an array of activitiesan array of bottlesan array of costumesan array of hatsan array of jacketsan array of programsan array of regulationsan array of servicesan array of stylesan array of topicsan array of weapons05. ASSORTMENTMeaning: a collection of different things or of different types of the same thingExamples:an assortment of artistsan assortment of clothesan assortment of dishesan assortment of evidencean assortment of filmsan assortment of gamesan assortment of giftsan assortment of homesan assortment of platesan assortment of weapons06. BANDMeaning: a group of people who do something together or who have the same ideas, interest or purposeExamples:a band of criminalsa band of activistsa band of musiciansa band of outlawsa band of protestersa band of singersa band of thieves07. BALEMeaning: a large amount of a light material; pressed or wrapped tightly together and tied up with cords, etc.Examples:a bale of cardboarda bale of cottona bale of the fibersa bale of haya bale of papera bale of strawa bale of wool08. BARRAGEMeaning: a sudden and aggressive occurrence of large number of something, that are directed at somebodyExamples:a barrage of abusesa barrage of attacksa barrage of bulletsa barrage of changesa barrage of complaintsa barrage of criticisma barrage of digital adsa barrage of emailsa barrage of gunfirea barrage of phone callsa barrage of punchesa barrage of queriesa barrage of questionsa barrage of tests09. BATCHMeaning: a number of people or things that are regarded as a group | a consignment of goods produced at one timeExamples:a batch of bottlesa batch of cookiesa batch of ice creama batch of imagesa batch of lettersa batch of noodlesa batch of petitionsa batch of playersa batch of studentsa batch of vehicles10. BEVYMeaning: a large group of people or things of the same kindExamples:a bevy of dancersa bevy of girls or womena bevy of lawsa bevy of modelsa bevy of officersa bevy of proposalsa bevy of quailsa bevy of schoolsa bevy of sensorsa bevy of vendors11. BOARDMeaning: a powerful group of people who make decisions and control a company or other organizationExamples:a board of advisorsa board of commissionersa board of directorsa board of doctorsa board of governorsa board of legislatorsa board of managersa board of regentsa board of service operatorsa board of supervisorsa board of trustees

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Manik Joshi
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English Daily Use


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Manik Joshi (Author)

Manik Joshi Was Born On Jan 26, 1979 At Ranikhet And Is Permanent Resident Of Haldwani, Kumaon Zone Of India. He Is An Internet Marketer By Profession. He Is Interested In Domaining (Business Of Buying And Selling Domain Names), Web Designing (Cre...

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Daily English- Important Notes
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