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Lost and Found

Danielle Steel Author

My Small Space

Anna Ottum Author

The Long Flight Home

Alan Hlad Author

Toxic Toffee

An Amish Candy Shop Mystery (Series)

Amanda Flower Author

Why Young Men

Jamil Jivani Author

The Weather Machine

Andrew Blum Author


Helon Habila Author

The Snakes

Sadie Jones Author

The Orphan's Song

Lauren Kate Author

Murder in the Crooked House

Pushkin Vertigo (Series)

Soji Shimada Author
Louise Heal Kawai Translator

The Most Fun We Ever Had

Claire Lombardo Author

I Like to Watch

Emily Nussbaum Author

Gone Too Long

Lori Roy Author

Dating by the Book

Mary Ann Marlowe Author


Season Butler Author

The Black Jersey

Jorge Zepeda Patterson Author
Achy Obejas Translator

Beautiful Liars

Isabel Ashdown Author

After the End

Clare Mackintosh Author

Big Sky

Jackson Brodie (Series)

Book 5

Kate Atkinson Author


Tom O'Neill Author
Dan Piepenbring Author

The Bookshop on the Shore

Jenny Colgan Author

A Nearly Normal Family

M.T. Edvardsson Author

Evvie Drake Starts Over

Linda Holmes Author

The Daughters of Temperance...

Katherine Howe Author