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A Stranger on the Beach

Michele Campbell Author

Meet Me in Monaco

Hazel Gaynor Author
Heather Webb Author

The Helpline

Katherine Collette Author

The Lager Queen of Minnesota

J. Ryan Stradal Author

You've Been Volunteered

Class Mom (Series)

Laurie Gelman Author

Lady in the Lake

Laura Lippman Author

Black Sun

Owen Matthews Author

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Michael Robotham Author

Invisible Blood

Maxim Jakubowski Editor
Lee Child Author

One Good Deed

David Baldacci Author

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Nina Stibbe Author

The Dark Above

Jeremy Finley Author

The Floating Feldmans

Elyssa Friedland Author

The Last Astronaut

David Wellington Author

The Marriage Clock

Zara Raheem Author

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah...

H. G. Parry Author

Theme Music

T. Marie Vandelly Author


Star Wars: Thrawn (Series)

Timothy Zahn Author