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How to Forget

Kate Mulgrew Author


The Empirium Trilogy (Series)

Book 2

Claire Legrand Author

Mistress of the Ritz

Melanie Benjamin Author

Disappearing Earth

Julia Phillips Author

Riots I Have Known

Ryan Chapman Author

Where We Come From

Oscar Cásares Author

Your Fault

Andrew Cowan Author

We'll Never Have Paris

Andrew Gallix Author

1000+ Little Things Happy...

Marc Chernoff Author
Angel Chernoff Author

The Book of Pride

Mason Funk Author

Brave Face

Shaun David Hutchinson Author

The Confessions of Frannie...

Sara Collins Author

The Edge of Every Day

Marin Sardy Author

The Favorite Daughter

Kaira Rouda Author

Girl Gone Viral

Arvin Ahmadi Author

The Girls

Lauren Ace Author
Jenny Løvlie Illustrator

A Girl's Guide to the Wild

Girl's Guide to the Wild (Series)

Ruby McConnell Author
Teresa Grasseschi Illustrator

Going Off Script

Jen Wilde Author

Happily and Madly

Alexis Bass Author

The Gaslighting of the...

Caitlin Fisher Author

Prairie Fever

Michael Parker Author

The Rationing

Charles Wheelan Author

The Scent Keeper

Erica Bauermeister Author


Minnie Darke Author

The Summer of Ellen

Agnete Friis Author
Sinead Quirke Kongerskov Translator


Randy Susan Meyers Author

White Peak

Ronan Frost Author