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If your school has Sora, you can download and install Sora from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or go to

Most students use their student ID or school email and password. Some schools provide a setup code. If you’re having trouble, see your school’s media specialist, librarian, or teachers for help.

See our tips for getting started with Sora.

No! You can access your school’s Sora library anytime, anywhere, on your phone, tablet, or personal computer. Once your books are downloaded, you can read or listen to them without Wi-Fi.

Sora is 100% free for students to use. Schools or districts that choose to use Sora, pay for it.

First search to see if your school district is on the list or ask your media specialist, librarian, or teacher if your school has Sora.

If your school hasn’t started using Sora yet, share with your principal, librarian, or school board what you learned. Have them go to to learn more. Hopefully, they will offer Sora for your school in the future. 

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