Upgrade to Libby.

On May 1, 2023, the OverDrive app was discontinued. We encourage you to make the switch to Libby, our newer reading app. Libby is made by the same people, with the same goal of connecting you to your library and to your favorite books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Download Libby or visit libbyapp.com in your browser to get started.

Download the new and improved reading app from OverDrive.

1. Find your library and sign in

1. Find your library and sign in

After downloading the Libby app, you'll be guided through simple setup steps to find your library and sign in with your card.

2. Sync your OverDrive wish list

2. Sync your OverDrive wish list

Create a wish list smart tag to sync your OverDrive wish list to Libby.

3. Start reading & listening

3. Start reading & listening

Browse your library and find something new to borrow, or start reading the current loans on your Shelf .

Frequently asked questions

We've made a lot of changes and additions to Libby in the past few years. If you've tried Libby in the past and weren't convinced, we encourage you check the FAQs below and try the app again. You'll find a list of top questions about how your favorite OverDrive app features work in Libby.

In Libby, you have many options to find content you want to borrow: 

  • Tap filter cloud icon at the top of your library's home screen or from lists and search results to choose from a variety of sort and filter options. You can even pin your favorite sort and filter options.
  • Browse the library’s lists and guides to view titles by audience, subject, or format.
  • Hide lists of titles you’re not interested in.
  • Refine searches and lists. 

Learn more about browsing and searching on Libby Help.

Yes, you can update your lending period when you borrow a book in Libby. To do so, tap Borrow, then tap the loan period on the confirmation page.

Libby will remember the lending period you select for future loans in that format. 

Note: Your library chooses which lending period options are available. These options are the same in the OverDrive app, on the OverDrive library website, and in Libby. 

When you’re browsing search results or a list, select to see if it’s available at any of your libraries. 

If you have used the OverDrive app or an OverDrive library website, you may be familiar with the Recommend to Library (RTL) feature. Libby offers a different way for you to discover and express interest in titles that your library does not yet offer. Learn more on Libby Help.

Note: Not all libraries currently offer this feature.

No, all titles you enjoy through the Libby app must be borrowed from your library. If you imported any books (from non-library sources) in the OverDrive app, you can continue to read them there.

On mobile devices, Libby automatically downloads loans for offline reading when you’re on Wi-Fi (to reduce data usage) by default. Download settings can be adjusted in the app to better suit your needs.

Note: Offline reading is not available when you access Libby in your web browser at libbyapp.com. 

Learn how to change your download settings on Libby Help. 

Libby supports major screen readers (like VoiceOver and TalkBack), offers built-in accessibility settings, and automatically uses many device-wide accessibility settings (like resized text). 

Visit the “Accessibility” category on Libby Help to learn more. 

Instead of downloading audiobooks in parts, you can update your download settings in Libby to manage which loans get downloaded to your device automatically. Libby is very efficient at streaming portions of the audiobook as they are played. A network connection is required for streaming.

Learn how to change your download settings on Libby Help.

No, reading progress for your current loans won't sync to Libby when you switch. You may want to make a note of your progress and manually pick up where you left off in Libby.

In Libby, you can create a wish list smart tag to sync your wish list from the OverDrive app and your library's OverDrive website. You can also create other tags in Libby to organize books however you want.

Learn more about importing your wish list and using tags on Libby Help.

Yes, you you can set up and manage push notifications (for the Libby mobile app) or email notifications (for libbyapp.com). You can get notifications for available holds, expiring loans, new magazine issues released, and more. 

Learn more about setting up notifications for Libby.

Yes, in the Libby reader, select the Appearance setting , then choose Dark mode. 

And, if you use dark mode on your device, Libby will automatically use that lighting mode when you’re browsing your library. 

To see your reading history in Libby: 

  • Visit your “Borrowed” tag on your Shelf . This tag is automatically applied to all titles you borrow in the app.
  • Visit your Timeline to see all your activity (loans, holds, returns, etc.) in the app.

Note: You can choose to disable your reading history on your Timeline, if desired.

Your borrowing history from the legacy OverDrive app and OverDrive websites will appear on your Timeline in Libby. Learn more here. You can also export your history from your library collection or your list of downloads in the OverDrive app for your own records.

If you have an Amazon Fire tablet, you can download Libby from the Amazon Appstore.

If you have a Kindle reader, you can send books to your Kindle (U.S. only) from Libby on a supported device, like an iPhone, Android tablet, or computer.

Yes. You can continue to browse for, borrow, and read library ebooks directly on your Kobo ereader. Learn more on Libby Help.

Yes, you can use libbyapp.com to download ebooks and transfer them (via Adobe Digital Editions) to an ereader. 

Learn more about transferring ebooks to ereaders on Libby Help.

No, this option is not available in Libby. However, if you already have the legacy OverDrive for Windows or OverDrive for Mac desktop programs installed, you can continue to use it by downloading audiobooks from your library's OverDrive website. Please note that new downloads of this legacy software are no longer available.

Visit libbyapp.com to browse, search, read or listen and more on your computer.

All your titles in one place

All your titles in one place

Loans and holds from all your libraries are automatically added to your Shelf .

Dive into a book series

Dive into a book series

Easily find the next book in a series from search results, title details, and your Shelf. Libby makes it easier than ever to discover books in a series.

Organize with unlimited tags

Organize with unlimited tags

Create custom tags to categorize books however you’d like, and use Libby’s smart tags to track what you've borrowed or get notified about new issues of your favorite magazines. 

Listen on the go

Listen on the go

Listen to audiobooks with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Never miss a thing

Never miss a thing

Get push notifications on your mobile device (or emails from libbyapp.com) for available holds, expiring loans, and more. 

Watch, learn, and create with Libby Extras*

Watch, learn, and create with Libby Extras*

Get access to extra learning or entertainment resources (like Kanopy, Craftsy, Universal Class, and more) from your library.

*At participating libraries only

Free virtual training

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